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Showcasing IT Brands & Channel Partners to State/Local/Edu (SLED) and FED Gov Procurement Professionals in the online NIGP SourceBook

NIGP SourceBook is the official online buyers guide for NIGP, the National Institute for Public Procurement, with 13,000+ highly-engaged government procurement professionals.

SLED / FED Marketing for IT Brands & Channel Partners:

  • Across 30+ IT / CLOUD / SOFTWARE / SECURITY Categories (Analytics, Backup, Big Data, Cloud, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, CRM, Storage, Security, Servers, More...)

  • Your Company's "Featured Listing" across all Categories for $3588/year

  • Your approved Channel Partners qualify for discounted Featured Listings ($2388/year) and Enhanced Listings ($1188/year)

  • Company-branded "See XYZ Partners" link with ≥8 Partners in the site

  • MDF & Co-op ready, flexible billing, turnkey Partner support

Contact Jeff Tadie ( to coordinate Channel Partner and Company participation.
NIGP SourceBook features and categories are subject to change, screens may contain sample content, ads or images.
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